TEST IC33 Guru
DESCRIPTION Knowledge Enhancement
You are about to start IC33 mock test. This test is aimed to help us learn better.
Test Duration 60 minutes
Total Questions 50
Pass Percentage 60 %
1.   Click on Preferred Language to appear for IC33 mock test or else chose "Back" to go back to the login page. 
2.   Each question has multiple choice. Please select the appropriate answer. Options can be changed anytime before submitting the test.
3.   Every question has marks associated with it which will appear on the right side of the questions.
4.   There is no negative marking.
5.   Panel on the top indicates the time left to complete the test. On expiry of the test duration, you would not be able to make any changes to your test. The test would automatically get submitted.
6.   This test must be complete in a single attempt
7.   On submitting the test, your result and a link to view the correct answers would be displayed.
8.   The session would time out if left unattended for 15 minutes.
9.   Please select your Preferred Language to start your test.
All the best !!!